How to download music to iPhone: 6 easy and free ways

11:31, 11 май 2024

How to download music to iPhone: 6 easy and free ways

You can transfer audio files from a computer or via the Internet without a PC or wires.

Using iTunes

The most obvious way to download your music to iPhone from a Windows computer or an older version of macOS is through the official iTunes utility. All audio files added in this way can be listened to in the standard iOS Music application.

Logically, you will need iTunes for this. The program is preinstalled on computers with macOS up to the Catalina version (if you have a more recent one, see the next method). On Windows, iTunes will have to be downloaded from the Microsoft Store .

Before you can send files to your smartphone, you need to add them to your iTunes library. To do this, in the program menu, click “File” → “Add file to library” or “Add folder to library” and specify the location where the music is stored on your computer.

When synchronization is complete, connect your smartphone to your computer via a USB cable and click on the iPhone icon at the top of the iTunes window. If prompted, enter your Apple ID and password.

All that remains is to copy music from the iTunes library on your computer to your smartphone’s memory. This can be done in two ways: automatically and manually.

How to set up automatic copying of music from iTunes

This option is suitable if you need to download either everything or songs sorted by a specific criterion - these can be genres, albums, artists or playlists.

  1. In the iTunes sidebar, open the Music section.
  2. In the panel on the right, check the “Sync music” option.
  3. If you want iTunes to copy not the entire library, but only a sorted part, enable the “Selected playlists, artists, albums and genres” option and mark the desired options in the list that appears.
  4. At the bottom of the window, click “Apply” and wait until synchronization finishes.

When everything is ready, you can listen to the downloaded songs in the standard Music application.

How to copy only selected songs from iTunes manually

The manual method gives you more control: it allows you to copy one or more selected tracks without affecting the rest of the files in your library.

  1. In the iTunes sidebar, open the Browse section.
  2. Scroll down the window and check the “Manually process music and videos” option.
  3. Return to your library (Back button above the phone name) and open the Songs section in the sidebar.
  4. Select the desired tracks from the right side of the window and, holding the left mouse button, drag them to the iPhone image on the left. Wait until synchronization finishes before turning off your smartphone.

Using Finder

In macOS Catalina and newer there is no separate iTunes application: its capabilities have been transferred to the standard Finder file manager. It is most convenient to use for synchronizing music through modern Macs .

To get started, connect your iPhone to your computer via a USB cable. Give devices the necessary permissions to sync. If the iOS version is not the latest, it will force your Mac to update your iPhone before syncing

After that, open Finder on your computer and click on the device name in the Places section in the left pane. The first time you connect to a Mac, you will need to enter your Apple ID login and password to access your smartphone.

How to set up automatic copying of music through Finder

To automatically copy songs from your library to your Mac, go to the Music tab and turn on the "Sync music to [device name]" option. Check “Entire library” to download all songs to your smartphone, or “Selected artists, albums, genres and playlists” to limit the selection. Next, click “Apply” and wait for the synchronization to complete.

How to set up manual copying of music through Finder

To copy only specific songs, go to the General tab, check the box next to Manage music, movies, and TV shows manually, and click Apply.

Next, open the standard Music application on your Mac and click on the phone name on the left. Drag all the necessary tracks into the window that opens - either in folders or individual files. Everything will be sorted automatically. Here you can delete any music from the device.

There is a caveat with this method: “Music” may be glitchy and refuse to copy MP3 files downloaded from some sources. These include sites for downloading audio from YouTube . If you try several times and the track is not added to your library, look for another source or convert the audio to AAC yourself.

Using AirDrop

From a computer running macOS, you can transfer music files to iPhone via AirDrop without additional applications.

  1. On your PC, select the files or folders you want.
  2. Right-click → Share → AirDrop → [device name].
  3. Wait for the files to transfer.

On iPhone, audio tracks will be saved in the Files application, and you can listen to them through the built-in player or an application that supports downloading local tracks.

Using iCloud

The web version of the Apple cloud can be used on a computer running any OS. Other storages will cope with synchronization no worse, the main advantages of iCloud are that every iPhone user has an account, and there is no need to worry about how to play files.

  1. Open the web version of iCloud and sign in to the Apple ID you use on your iPhone.
  2.  On the main page, click on the Drive block (the location of the blocks on the main page may vary).
  3.  On the storage page that opens, click on the “Browse” section.

    4. Drag and drop the desired files or folders and wait for them to download.

    On iPhone, you can find these tracks in the “Files” application (“Browse” → iCloud Drive, and they will also appear in the “Recent” block). Play them there or add them to a third-party offline player - the idea is the same as when transferring via AirDrop.

    Via Telegram

    1. Open any chat (it’s convenient to select “Favorites” for such tasks) and attach the necessary files from your computer. Choose to send in original quality without archive compression.
    2. On your phone, tap the play icon of each track to download them to your device. After this, they will be available for offline listening.
    3. To prevent audio from being accidentally deleted, check your memory usage settings (in Telegram, go to “Settings” → “Data and Memory” → “Memory Usage”). Make sure auto-delete is turned off for personal chats and the maximum cache size is large enough to accommodate your audio library.

    Then everything is simple: find the desired track in the chat, turn it on and listen. Playback will also work with the screen locked.

    If you subscribe to Telegram Premium , organizing audio files will be even more convenient using shortcuts .

    Via Evermusic

    The Evermusic player can stream and download music from different cloud storages : iCloud Drive, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, MEGA, Yandex Disk and others.

    1. Upload music from your computer to one of the supported cloud drives.
    2. Install Evermusic on iPhone and connect the desired drive in the player menu.
    3. Connect to this drive in Evermusic and select the folders you want.

    The free version of the service has restrictions on the number of connected disks and playlists; you also cannot download albums or playlists to the device or disable advertising . Nobody forbids downloading tracks one by one, and I haven’t encountered any advertising - perhaps it simply doesn’t exist in Russia. You can use up to three disks simultaneously for free. Playback works with the screen locked.

    Free Evermusic can be considered as an opportunity to make your own streaming exclusively with your favorite songs. If you like the basic features and want more, you can unlock premium options for 1,290 rubles - this is a one-time purchase, not a subscription.

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